Published: 02/07/2012

A question that I hear almost everyday by a patient is, “what toothpaste should I be using?” I have a very simple answer for that. As long as you are using a toothpaste recommended by the ADA (American Dental Association) containing fluoride, pick one you like and use that one. If you have a true fluoride allergy, which is rare, there are natural toothpastes that are without fluoride.

I have not taken the time to count every different kind of paste that you can find stocked on the shelves of your grocery store, but I would bet there would be close to a hundred different kinds. There are whitening, restoring, refreshing, sensitivity-protecting, tartar-controlling, antibacterial, natural, and various combinations of all of these in one.

Toothbrushes are just as numerous and varied. We do have a favorite toothbrush that we recommend to everyone—especially to those who battle gum health issues. Sonicare has been around since the late 1980s and has many studies and proven statistics to back up its cleaning ability.

I know a lot of our patients like to get samples that we offer at the end of their cleaning appointments. I have to admit that I think it is fun to order different samples of brushes and pastes for people to try. I like trying out all the new kinds of products, myself. I do find myself going back to use my favorite paste once my sample is used up. What my favorite is may not be yours so don’t be afraid to try different brands and flavors. Again, my only recommendation is that the paste or gel contain fluoride to prevent cavities. People of all ages need cavity protection as long as they have natural teeth in their mouths.

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