Published: 01/09/2012

I will admit, as embarrassing as it is, I snore. For a woman, this is something that is not very attractive, and my husband was about ready to start sleeping in a separate bedroom!

I went for a sleep study to see if I had sleep apnea. All of my numbers were within a normal range, making me ineligible for a C-PAP breathing machine.

Thanks to Dr. Stevens for his awareness of the TAP appliance. TAP stands for Thornton Adjustable Positioner. There are three levels of TAP appliances, based on the cardiopulmonary resuscitation, CPR. The airway must be opened to allow air to pass through the throat. A constricted or collapsed airway causes snoring and/or sleep apnea.

The best thing I did was to have a TAP appliance made to position my jaw forward and open up the airway. What a difference! It has made my snoring almost go away.

If you snore or have sleep apnea and are interested in an appliance, we are more than happy to get you started.

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