Published: 03/29/2016

The temporomandibular joint (also called TMJ) connects the bones of the skull to the lower jaw. It is the hinge that allows the mouth to open and close; the muscles surrounding this joint allow biting and chewing. This important joint can be damaged by stress or injury, though sometimes TMJ disorder (or TMD) can develop for no apparent reason. People concerned with the health of their TMJ in Sun Prairie, WI, can speak with Dr. Chris Stevens at Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Getting relief from this painful and troublesome condition is possible with the right intervention and care.

What Can Be Done About TMJ Pain?

TMJ disorder is fairly common and symptoms can be managed with proper treatment. Dr. Stevens can help treat TMD and can provide patients with care strategies that will help relieve the pain and discomfort associated with this disorder. There are three primary varieties of treatment that might be pursued; these are:

  • Stress management for the jaw joint
  • Targeted therapy to reduce painful muscle spasms
  • Realignment to reposition the jaw to a more optimal position

Posture correction is another powerful tool available to TMD patients. Since the temporomandibular joint is stressed by poor neck, shoulder, and head posture, correcting these problems can reduce pain in the jaw and other parts of the body.

Finding the Right Treatment

Before any treatment can begin, a patient must first be diagnosed. This requires an appointment with an experienced dentist. A diagnosis and evaluation will help your provider recommend the best course of treatment. As your condition stabilizes, strategies for maintenance can be implemented.

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