Published: 12/07/2011

A few months ago we posted a story called “Hope is a Four-Letter Word.” I’d like to update you on what has happened to the young woman in the article. When we first met her she was in so much pain and her front teeth were so badly decayed and broken, it appeared as though she was missing many of her front teeth. Her goal was to get her smile back while still keeping her own teeth. We were able to alleviate her pain at that first visit and she left with hope that in time she would be able to move ahead with treatment to regain her smile.

The young woman got a new job and worked hard at saving money and figuring out a way to get the care done. She was so excited when she contacted us to let us know she was ready to proceed with the plan to resurface her own teeth with man-made enamel. With help from our team members, she was able to choose the beautiful smile she dreamed of. From the color to the size and shape of the resurfaced teeth, she was involved. When she came in a few weeks later to have her care done, she shared with us some exciting news. She was engaged and would be getting married in just a few months.

When she left our office that day with her renewed beautiful smile, she was smiling from ear to ear. A few days later we spoke with her to see what she and everyone thought of her smile. She related to us that she was so happy she did the care and told us that her cheek muscles were getting sore from smiling so much. We cannot wait to see her wedding photos that show a beautiful bride smiling big with happiness.

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