Published: 06/19/2015

As the school year ends, Dr. Chris Stevens knows that many parents and children anticipate the freedom that comes with a relaxed schedule. However, we also understand that flexibility also brings about some challenges regarding proper oral care. In addition to regular visits to the dentist in Sun Prairie, WI, parents should strive to keep their kids’ mouths healthy, even when day-to-day routines are seemingly tossed out the window. Keep the following tips in mind for continued oral health throughout the summer.

  1. Create a daily checklist – Without a daily alarm clock, kids tend to sleep in later. If parents have to leave early for work, this can result in skipped morning brushings. It may be wise to create a daily checklist that tracks whether or not an independent child has brushed his or her teeth at least twice a day, at the very least, if not more.
  2. Offer healthy snack alternatives – When kids are home all day, it becomes easy to allow them to snack on whatever is available in the pantry. Instead of stocking the shelves with candy and other sugary treats, keep a full selection of healthy snacks on hand. Pre-portioned containers of fruits, veggies, cheese sticks or whole grain products serve as quick and easy grab-and-go choices that will not lead to tooth decay.
  3. Schedule regular dental checkups – Dr. Stevens recommends that all of his patients visit the office every six months. For many families, summer is the perfect time to stop in for checkups, cleanings and any other treatments. With a more open schedule, fitting in a trip to the dentist is much more feasible than during the school year.
  4. Promote the use of safety devices – Helmets, mouth guards and even swimming goggles can help prevent dental damage caused by summer activities. Parents should set strict rules about the use of these safety devices to avoid tooth trauma.

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