Published: 08/19/2015

The summer months offer the perfect window of opportunity to handle an array of important tasks. For many families, this is the time when teen children begin to prepare for the new school year. If your teen is concerned about the appearance of their smile, Dr. Chris Stevens offers effective cosmetic dentistry to Sun Prairie, WI area patients. Teeth whitening is a simple and effective way of improving the appearance of a smile. First impressions may often be initiated a beautiful grin.

Should Teens Be Concerned with Cosmetic Dentistry?

Many parents are naturally hesitant about seeking treatment in a way that may perhaps, affect their children negatively. Teeth-whitening is a very safe procedure that has been performed successfully for many years. Tooth enamel color changes occur progressively over time. For some, teeth may begin to appear dull and dingy in their teens, while for others, teeth may remain unaffected for their whole lives. There are several factors that can affect the appearance of tooth enamel, such as:

  • Drinking coffee, red wine, and tea on a frequent basis
  • Smoking cigarettes or using other tobacco products
  • Certain prescription drugs
  • Injury and oral infections
  • Genetics

What Whitening Options are Available?

Drug stores stock several toothpastes and kits, which patients can utilize to whiten their teeth at home. Although these provide the convenience of at-home treatments, the effectiveness of these various products may prove to be unreliable.

Many patients choose teeth whitening performed by Dr. Stevens. Our clinic can provide more potent whitening formulas, than what is typically offered over-the-counter. This helps to ensure a more noticeable and desired effect. However, since the whitening compound is only effective on natural tooth enamel, any composite resin elements, present on the outside of teeth, may need to be adjusted accordingly.

Enjoy Results Sooner

Our whole team is dedicated to helping you and your family enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles. If you would like to explore teeth whitening for a young adult, or any other member of your family, please give us a call at 866-901-5914.

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