Published: 02/07/2012

A few months back I reported I had celebrated my 30th anniversary in the field of dentistry. I talked about the many changes in dentistry since I graduated from Marquette. Today I wanted to share a story about a procedure available now that was not back then.

Mary Ann is a patient who comes to us from over an hour away. She had heard about our care in smile enhancement and we were able to help with that. But occasionally she would come in with cold sores on her lips. Sometimes they were small and sometimes they were not, but they were always noticeable.

Of course, most people are kind enough not to say something about the sores; but not grandchildren. They notice and talk about what they see. Of course Mary Ann always knew others saw them and she felt embarrassed. But it was hard to hear about them from her grandkids.

A few days before this past Christmas she called to see if we could help her with a newly developed cold sore. I knew she wanted help because she was willing to drive three hours round-trip to treat it.

Treatment entails using a laser and takes less than 3 minutes. The sore is subjected to laser light without touching the skin and therefore is completely painless. The light is waved over the sore in four 30-second intervals. This treatment stops the sore from progressing and immediately initiates healing. It is interesting that—and it is not known why—after laser treatment the cold sore virus will not return to that area for two years.

Mary Ann reported the new cold sore we treated never increased in size and was gone in the next two days. It made Christmas with her family much happier. So if you or anyone you know suffers from recurrent cold or canker sores let them know there is new and effective relief available. They will thank you.

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