Teeth Whitening in Sun Prairie, WI

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Teeth Whitening in the Madison, WI Area

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Our Options Get Better Results!

Visiting the dentist for teeth whitening in Madison, WI will usually deliver better, more satisfying results compared to store bought tooth whitening kits because the products are developed with formulas that are designed to work harder and more effectively at removing stains.

In Office Tooth Whitening

Dr. Chris Stevens provides expert cosmetic dentistry in the Madison, WI area for patients who want the whitest, brightest smile possible. Call us today to arrange your consultation.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

The tooth whitening products that Dr. Stevens uses to improve the color and appearance of stained, dull teeth are made with a higher concentration of carbamide peroxide, the active ingredient in tooth whitening formulas, than those found on store shelves. These pharmaceutical grade teeth whiteners are only available from a dental care professional but can be applied at home using our custom made dental trays.

Whitening your teeth at home using professional whitening products can provide great results. Dr. Stevens will capture impressions of your teeth and then fabricate your custom dental trays. Unlike store bought trays, which are one size for all, these trays fit perfectly around each tooth for even results. Just place the solution in the trays and wear them on your teeth for the recommended length of time.

Note: Teeth whitening solutions only work on natural teeth. If you have dental crowns or resin fillings, keep in mind that they may have to be replaced after teeth whitening is completed in order to match your new shade.

Which Type of Whitening is Best?

There are many ways to whiten your teeth in Sun Prairie, WI, including toothpastes, over the counter gels, rinses, strips, and trays. However, to get the best and fastest results for this cosmetic dentistry procedure, make an appointment to see your doctor. Teeth whitening by dentists is the safest and most sure way to see immediate results. Some procedures are done in office and some are performed at home. Make an appointment today to see which type of teeth whitening by dentists is the best for you!

  • Remove stubborn stains from tobacco, wine, coffee, and other foods and beverages
  • Fix discolorations left by antibiotics
  • Improve the appearance of teeth that are genetically dull or discolored
  • Improve self-image, as whiter teeth project a healthier smile
  • Safe, comfortable, less irritation compared to store bought kits