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Say “Yes” to a Smile Makeover!

Can having a more complete, beautiful smile really change your life? Absolutely! Our smile is one of the first aspects about us that other people notice. Unfortunately, most of us are not born with perfect teeth. If you have ever wanted a better functioning, more appealing smile, please call our offices in Sun Prairie, WI, at (608) 318-4012. Dr. Chris Stevens will discuss with you your smile goals, and talk about your smile makeover options.

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percent of adults ages 40-64 have lost at least one tooth


percent of adults ages 65+ have untreated tooth decay


percent of adults ages 65+ have no permanent teeth remaining

Services We Offer to Transform Patients’ Smiles

Every smile makeover we do at Dr. Chris Stevens Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is a unique opportunity to solve very personal dental issues. Depending on whether you need just one treatment, or are looking for a full mouth reconstruction, you may be a candidate for any of the following procedures:

  • Dental Implants
    The technology now exists to permanently replace a missing tooth with a tooth that looks and acts just like your other natural teeth. Dental implant surgery gives you the ability to complete your smile and avoid problems linked to tooth loss, such as periodontal disease, bone loss and shifting of other teeth.
  • Porcelain Veneers
    These thin strips of porcelain are created specifically for you and are bonded to the tops of your front upper teeth. They are especially useful for people whose teeth are only slightly crooked, are discolored, are cracked or are chipped.
  • Dentures
    It is time to be excited at the prospect of dentures, thanks to revolutionary new technologies! Today, we can craft dentures that are clearly superior to older models. Be prepared to be amazed at your options!
  • Dental Crowns
    A dental crown placed over a natural tooth that is misshapen, broken or discolored can make a huge difference in the way you look when you smile.
  • Bridges and Partials
    If you are missing a number of teeth in a row, Dr. Stevens may suggest a dental bridge or partial. This completes the row of teeth with a prosthetic device that can either be permanent or removable.
  • Teeth Whitening
    Sometimes, a whiter smile is like the icing on the cake when it comes to a smile makeover! Our teeth whitening products are second-to-none and will get you the bright, gleaming grin you have always wanted.
Smile Makeover - Before Treatment - Smile Makeover - After Treatment -
Smile Makeover - Before Treatment - Smile Makeover - After Treatment -
Smile Makeover - Before Treatment - Smile Makeover - After Treatment -

Seven Signs a Full Mouth Reconstruction May Right For You

  1. You have stopped smiling because you are embarrassed about the look of your teeth
  2. Your teeth and gums hurt all the time
  3. You have untreated dental problems, such as advanced gum disease or severe caries (decay)
  4. You wish you could eat whatever you wanted again
  5. You dislike the way you sound when you talk because of your missing teeth
  6. You feel like your confidence is not as high as it could be because of your dental health
  7. You are unhappy wearing removable dentures or partials and want to find out about other options

Changing your smile with a full mouth reconstruction can truly change your life. Contact us at (866) 901-6069 to schedule a time to meet with Dr. Stevens.