Published: 03/03/2017

Oral health issues can be extremely uncomfortable, not to mention expensive and inconvenient. If you have ever suffered from oral health problems, then you may be concerned that your children will have similar experiences. Fortunately, your family dentist in Sun Prairie, WI, can show you how to help your children avoid many common dental ailments.

Establishing Good Habits

Pediatric dentistry is primarily focused on preventative treatment. Dr. Chris Stevens likes to collaborate with the parents of his pediatric patients to help them establish strong oral hygiene habits. Parents should supervise their children’s sugar intake and explain to children that too much sugar is harmful to their teeth. Children also need to learn good brushing and flossing techniques, and parents should monitor these activities until good habits are in place.

Regular Cleanings

Professional cleanings help reduce the risk of cavities, so both children and adults should get their teeth professionally cleaned every six months. During your child’s cleaning, your dentist can apply a fluoride treatment that will restore lost minerals and inhibit bacterial growth. Biannual cleanings also provide a useful opportunity for your dentist to check in on your children’s oral health and provide both encouragement and recommendations for necessary changes.

Preventative Procedures

Another way to reduce your children’s risk of cavities is to provide them with sealants on their molars. Molars are bumpy and grooved, and children have an especially difficult time getting them completely clean. Sealants coat the molars in a plastic film that helps prevent bacteria from embedding in the enamel. With this increased protection, your children are less likely to endure the discomfort of cavities.

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