Published: 09/07/2017

The differences in the way human bodies approach health and aging are profound, which is why doctors spend so much time looking at the implications that current attitudes toward different diseases have on women’s health. It’s also why they spend so much time studying the physical differences, too. One noted difference between the sexes that doctors have substantiated and confirmed with research time and again is the increased risk that gum disease poses for women.

Overall Risks

 Both men and women have a few risks in common when it comes to unchecked periodontal disease in Madison, WI, and these extra health risks are serious enough that anyone experiencing symptoms should talk to a dentist immediately. Those risks include:

  • Heart disease
  • Secondary infection
  • Fever
  • Loss of jawbone mass
  • Permanent gum recession
  • Tooth loss

Special Risks to Women

 Research has shown that women, especially older women, are at special risk for oral cancers related to periodontal disease. There is a small chance of oral cancer developing in any gum disease patient, but for older women with serious oral health complications, the risk is far more severe.

Mitigating Risk

 If you want to minimize your risks, the best thing you can do is pursue treatment for any issues related to your gums. Regular check-ups and oral cancer screenings in Madison, WI will also give your dentist an opportunity to visually inspect your mouth for relapses or for signs that a tumor is developing.

Make an Appointment Right Away

 Depending on the stage your gum disease has progressed to, a variety of treatment options may be available to help you. The only way to discover which is most appropriate to your particular situation is to have a talk with Dr. Stevens after he has had a chance to examine you.

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