Published: 07/09/2017

Those who have oral cancer often mistake it for other things (such as a canker sores or even a common cold), so it is important to receive an oral cancer screening in Madison, Wisconsin at least once each year. Dr. Chris Stevens, provider of experienced family dentistry in Sun Prairie, WI, offers screenings along with regular dental checkups. Here are three reasons why you should schedule your screening today.

  1. It Could Save Your Life

 If oral cancer spreads to other parts of the body, the survival rate is as low as 38 percent. However, if it is detected and treated early, the survival rate jumps as high as 83 percent. Receiving regular screenings is the best way to protect your oral health and could potentially save your life. 

  1. It Is Quick

Screening for oral cancer is a very quick process that is conducted by a skilled dentist. It only takes a few seconds to check the entire mouth for cancer. During the process, Dr. Stevens visually inspects the inside of the mouth to check for potential signs of cancer, like sores or white or red spots in the mouth. He then palpates (feels) the tissues in the mouth with gloved hands to check for abnormalities like lumps. If anything unusual is detected during this process, additional testing will likely be done.

  1. It Is Affordable

An oral cancer screening is affordable when it is scheduled separately, and it can be combined with your regular dental checkup. If you have any strange sores, lumps or pains in your mouth, it is wise to get them checked out right away.

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