Dentist in Sun Prairie, WI

What Can I Expect At My First Visit

One of our specially trained hygienists, along with Dr. Stevens, will examine and assess your current dental condition at your first appointment.  As part of the initial examination we will listen to your concerns, take any necessary x-rays, record existing fillings, decayed, missing or broken teeth. We will examine how your teeth bite together and the way your jaw joint works. We will do an oral cancer screening and examine the health of your gum and bone tissue as well as perform a cosmetic evaluation.  After we’ve gathered all the information, Dr. Stevens will put together a treatment plan based on your concerns, values and dental budget.

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Financial Options

  • Do You Offer Payment Options?
    In order to provide our patients with the highest quality dental care on a sound business basis, we offer many different payment options and will work hard to find one that fits your budget and lifestyle.
  • How Does My Dental Insurance Work?
    Your insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company. The amount of coverage depends on the plan your employer has purchased. We accept all plans that allow you to go to the dentist of your choice. We will submit all claims for you and will do our utmost to help you derive the maximum benefits allowed by your plan. You can feel comforted to know that the quality of care will not change based on insurance coverage.