Published: 11/17/2017

Dental Implants - Madison, WI & Sun Prairie, WI - Replace Missing TeethThere is a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. If you received dental implants in Sun Prairie, WI or Madision, WI this year to enhance your oral health, then you should definitely be thankful for your restorations. Anyone presently debating this dental treatment should seriously consider it because there are several benefits to reap.

Better Dental Health

Implants are great for people who have already lost a tooth. They do not require any of the remaining teeth to be altered or removed. They also prevent the other teeth from shifting positions. A gap in the smile can cause the other oral structures to move to compensate for the space. An implant keeps everything where it should be.

Increased Comfort

An implant is inserted directly into the jaw bone with a crown placed on top. In essence, it becomes a regular tooth. You do not have to worry about it moving around or falling out unexpectedly.

Improved Speech

Your oral structures play a big role in your speech patterns. People with missing teeth sometimes slur or mumble because they cannot make the exact sound they want.

Easier Time Eating

Chewing fibrous vegetables becomes much harder when a molar is missing. Additionally, food particles can get stuck in the gap, increasing the likelihood of plaque developing and causing gum disease.

High Success Rate

Dental implants are one restoration you can be reasonably certain will last a while. Dental professionals take great care to install them perfectly, and they come with a 98 percent success rate. Many people find their implants last for the rest of their lives because they eventually fuse with the jaw bone itself.

Great Dental Care
There is no reason to continue having a gap in your smile when you can see an experienced dentist in Sun Prairie, WI and Madison, WI at the office of Drs. Chris and Dan Stevens. Schedule an appointment online or call our office at (608) 318-4012, and we will start planning your exam to see if implants are the best restoration for you.

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