The Road to Success

The Road to Success is Dr. Chris Stevens’ acclaimed program of professional development courses. Through the program, training is available in Advance Restorative Procedures, Computerized Occlusal Management, and Smart Occlusion (which is covered in a series of three courses). FAGD/MAGD continuing education credit is offered for the courses through the Academy of General Dentistry’s PACE Program. Dr. Stevens is the instructor for each course, combining lecture, over-the-shoulder, and hands-on training experiences. The courses are conducted at the Center for Advanced Studies of Functional and Restorative Esthetics in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Click here to visit the Road to Success web site.

Training Videos

Dr. Stevens is recognized as an international speaker on the subjects of occlusion, smile enhancement and temporomandibular disorders (TMJ). He has been an active lecturer since 1989 and has spoken to thousands of care providers including dentists, physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists across the country and abroad. Due to the high demand for his information, Dr. Stevens produced instructional videos to help you learn and implement his techniques. His goal is to provide you with top quality training materials that will make an immediate impact on your practice. Please click on link to the left for more information about his videos.

Learning Center Info

Center for Advanced Studies of Functional and Restorative Esthetics

The Center for Advanced Studies of Functional and Restorative Esthetics is the remarkable training facility designed by Dr. Chris Stevens in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. The Center incorporates the latest technology throughout, and features a 27-seat amphitheater with video projection and large-screen monitors, a state-of-the-art operatory with broadcast capability, a full kitchen with lunchroom and other learning spaces.  The Center is the home for Dr. Stevens’ Road to Success series of professional development courses. It’s also available for reservation by other groups. Click here for a PDF brochure with complete details on the Center.


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